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    Woody Eastman - Six Years and a Week


Thanks for visiting my website and listening to my songs. These three are from my Pearly Gates Saloon Album. I offer a brief explanation of a few songs I've written. I don't do this alot at shows unless it is the right situation, but for now, here you go....

Divided by Seven was written for my dog Hershey. A good friend, and humane officer at the time offered me this little 6 week old brown ball of fur the same day as my annual Christmas Party in 2006. Best dog, and best friend..

Llano Lights is  a story of coming home to Llano, TX after weekend gigs on the coast. The characters are fictional, but it is always good to get back to Llano.

Pearly Gates Saloon I wrote honoring my late brother who flew up to heaven in 2005. I was sitting out in my backyard in the Texas Hill Country on one of those "no moon see forever" nights, and started wondering what it was like up there. So, I decided I would just ask "hey, what's it like up there". To me, it simplifies the concept of getting to heaven.

Six Years and a Week is a sing honoring my parents. They were born six years and a week apart, and passed away six years and a week apart. Fate...

There are a number of ways to purchase my music. A number of download sites offer  the Pearly Gates Saloon record, include CD Baby and iTunes. Also, you can listen to the record on Spotify, and soon on Pandora Radio. At my gigs, I have a few hard copies, and now have download cards for $5.00.

Thanks again, and as always,

THANK YOU for listening.